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    PDF Portfolio combatibility with apple and accessibility


      Our office thought PDF portfolios were the way to go for our large manuals that we want available online for readers to view and print. We are running into many problems, however.


      1. Are PDF portfolios truly accessible to screen readers? I set the preference to open in files mode; however, when I publish the PDF portfolio to our web, a coworker opened it into preview mode.


      2. Are PDF portfolios compatible with apple products? Another coworker opened the portfolio off our web, and it only showed the first PDF in the portfolio. There were no options to see others or search or anything.


      I've been trying to research online, but I am getting nowhere. Basically what I've found was that the user needs to have Adobe Reader installed (on their iPad, Mac, iPhone, etc.) in order to view. It says to save the setting to open all portfolios in files mode, but that does not seem to carry with the portfolio - just the user's computer who changed the setting.


      Extremely frustrated forms/records manager