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    mcaffe / flash no check box no option to skip mcaffe


      ok so i get no options to disinclude mcaffe and no check boxes just the agreament i agree to adobe flash then it down loads i hit the down load it instals adobe and mcafe . i h8 nothing as much as i h8 pigy back has been programs especialy when you get no option to not install it sorry if this sounds pissy but i at this moment are pissy i have so many things to do today and im stuck trying to update my flash with out mcaffe .

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the note, and I'm sorry about the frustration. 

          I just checked using my windows machine (we're offering a Lightroom trial for Mac users at the moment), and I see the checkbox in my browsers.  I've circled it in red below.  If you're not seeing the checkbox area get populated, can you please let me know what browser you're using, and/or provide a screenshot? That will help me open a bug with the distribution team and get someone on it.



          McAffee Checkbox.PNG