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    Two Spry menus on same page

      I'm somewhat new to Dreamweaver and only know the basics of coding and I have a problem that has stumped me. I would like two Spry menus on my site (a header and footer) but cannot for the life of me figure out how to apply two different styles to the menus. I realize I need a second CSS, but I don't know which of the style names to change (assuming I use the default as a template) and which other files need to be copied/changed (the javascript?). In my playing around I either end up with two identical menus or break them, having to start over from scratch. None of the resources I've found seems to address this-- they all focus on changing the attributes of a single menu, which I can do just fine. Help? Please?
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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          This will take a lot of work on your part.

          First you would need to duplicate the files in the sprymenuassets folder and then duplicate all of the includes in your document to include all of these duplicate files. Then you would need to manually change the CSS code for the second Spry Menu to match the updated Spry Files. So for example.

          SpryMenu*1.css (this it the new file)

          #header {...}
          #header1 {...} (this is how you would change all of the elements in that duplicate file, or an example of just how to rename)

          div id="header"
          div id="header1"

          The reason for these types of changes is because you cannot call the same element twice. It would have to be a separate element all together. The only file that would need to be duplicated would be the CSS file. The rest could be left the same since the Javascript and other functions are identical no matter how the menu looks.
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            stjimenez Level 1
            Thank you so much! In the end, I can work around it by putting two different types (i.e., one horizontal and one vertical) but I would really like two horizontal menus (the designer in me!) so I will try this out.