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    Autocuing to next slide not working

      Hi - i've got the following issue.
      Irrespective of what presentation i use the adobe presenter pauses at the end of every slide instead of automatically continuing. This has only become an issue since the release/installation of the new plugin and happens everytime i work in a new presentation. even old existing presentations created prior to that will export in this way if i republish them from within powerpoint.

      I have tried reinstalling the plugin several times. The slide properties are not set to advance by user, neither is there any other setting e.t.c which should cause the exported presentation to not function according to the set output criteria in powerppoint.

      Also in the example below you'll notice that the presentation skips to slide 4 when ever it feels like it. even though there are no markers set to do this. i have provided a download to the presentation below (i have removed the audio (inserted silence) to save file size for the download).


      I'm totally baffled here and the task is extremely urgent. if you could take a look or suggest what you think could be the problem. i will log this also with the service desk as we do have a gold (or whatever it's called) support contract with Adobe.

      Mark Coleman
      Unilever Global Management Training
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          James the SciTrainer
          Hi Mark, I can't reproduce what you describe. I figure you've put in goto commands on the audio timeline to stop the problem, but it's not happening for me. I published your files to my desktop using presenter version 6.0.432

          Does the problem only happen on a connect server? Can you provide a link to an example?
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            mark.coleman Level 1
            Hi James - thx for having a look. it happens publishing locally - we havent tested to the server yet. I'm on the same version of presenter as you with outlook 2003 e.t.c - and yeah i added the goto merely cause nothing else works. but the actual deck is part of a 4 presentation series (60 slides each) - so goto very quicly becomes timeconsuming. I've tested on another computer which still has version 5 installed and though the themes are not exported exactly the same it doesnt auto stop the presentation when exported. Someone here has recommended i remove all Adobe plugins from my Microsoft based programmes (acrobat prof, meeting managers e.t.c) - bit of a pain i'm gonna give it a try and see what happens.