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    In Design Issue - CC won't save PDF & images that are tiffs are missing

    aurelianolucas Level 1

      My indesign file I have been working on in the past two months suddenly will not save the pdf out. Before this issue with the saving happened... The last page, of the 20 page 8.5 x 11 flyer, turned gray/50% grayed out the whole page? And the background image disappeared that was placed into the document and left behind an empty "image box" (or so I thought). I go to place the background image in once again assuming I deleted it. I am also having the same issue with the other images on other pages where the images have gone missing snd leaving behind empty boxes that can not have the images replaced in them. They won't show up.


      I proceeded to check the view in inDesign aka changed it to Overprint preview and the "greying box" has covered now all the layers on this one page only. How I design is very organized so everything is on layers (EX. images, shapes, text, background, guides). The guides disappeared and this gray effect (almost like when you are in illustrator and isolate a shape all other work is turned a darker shade) is there with again empty boxes without the content I placed in them.


      So I decided to close the file and reopen. nothing changed. I tried to Save out to a PDF so I can make sure the file is safe... it will not save out now at all and the Background Tasks says "Failed to Export the PDF file." That is it. No other explanation.


      Does any of this sound familiar to someone? Or has this happened? Help.


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      I deleted the one page that was giving me trouble and copy and pasted the new content.... that seemed to sort of fix the issue for now. I will be resaving the whole document into a new document I hope that works... I wish this form could let me post a screenshot of the issue as I am sure this would give someone an understanding of what is happening.