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    2 microphones recording to Audition

    VaughnByrd21 Level 1

      I use Sennheiser wireless XLR lavalier mics to record 2 people during training videos and they are awesome. However, I've been using a Blue Snowball in an acoustic box for LMS voiceovers [audio only, same project]. I record in Audition because it allows me to lay down markers, and that's what I use for post, anyway.


      I would like to know if it's possible to use 2 lavalier mics to record directly into Audition on my MacBook Pro instead. If the people don't get close enough to the Snowball, the recording is not always as clear as with the Sennheiser lavs on the videos. And it definitely doesn't have the same tone. Plus, it records identical L and R tracks, unlike the video tracks.


      I'd like to replicate the sound for voiceovers. I don't necessarily need to use the Sennheiser lavs [they are XLR] but would consider buying additional mics and/or adapters if I can figure out how to record from two mics directly into my laptop.


      I thought this would be a no-brainer, but didn't come up with much on the web.


      I know I can use a Zoom or something similar, but then I'd be left without markers to let me know where to cut, etc. I like to do all of my basic edits [noise reduction, amplification, etc.] in one large file, then chop it into individual clips and do final edits [breathing, lip smacks, etc] in those. Otherwise it would take forever.


      Any ideas? And thanks in advance.