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    InDesign crashes every time I export to interactive PDF??


      I am using InDesign CS6 on Windows 7 professional.


      I have restarted the computer several times. CS6 is all up to date.

      I have experimented on several existing documents as well as brand new documents. It makes no difference.

      Interestingly, InDesign DOES export the interactive PDF just fine, I can open it and it works. However, before the document finishes processing, InDesign pops up an error message saying that InDesign has stopped working and must shut down. So when I have many PDFs from various files to export, it's a major pain to have indd crash & recover documents every time.

      Files crash no matter what the content, I've tried new doc with only a yellow circle. I've tried new doc using only system fonts.


      I've never used interactive PDFs before today, so I have no idea if this is a recent problem or not.


      Any help greatly appreciated, thanks!!