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    Error in OAM file


      I have an EDGE file that I modified.  When I save it, and even when I save it with a different name, it produces a correct HTML file. When I publish it for use in Muse, with or without a different name it produces an OAM file that when placed in MUSE displays in exactly the same way as the original file before modification and/or before saving with a different name. The HTML file with either the original name or the new name displays and animates correctly.  Is this a problem the EDGE or MUSE?


      Thanks, Dan

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          You shouldn't have to resort to Publishing different versions.


          In Edge Animate

          - make your change;

          - Save then File > Publish;


          Over in Muse

          - go to the Assets Panel, right click on the .oam asset element and choose 'Update Asset'. see capture below.

          - File Save then File > Preview in Browser to see the changes.


          update asset.jpg


          In your case, it could be a simple case of adding the wrong version and or a snag with your Browser cache (clear browser cache to see if it corrects it).



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