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    Set up After Effects CS 6 for network rendering with only a single license.

    _AoXoMoXoA_ Level 1

      I have searched on and off a couple of days to find specific setup instructions for submitting projects to network rendering but all I can find refers to somehow installing AE on several machines in a non-license mode and, essentially, submitting a "batch" type job that get distributed, sync'd and collected. OK, I get this. But I find nothing on the details of installing on several machines.


      So assuming I understand things to this point, the question is really how do you install multiple AE6 copies to systems with only a single license? I have a single license key with a CS 6 Premium Suite and would expect that I wouldn't be able to get past Activation after installing or am afraid of trying lest Adobe think I'm attempting to circumvent licensing.


      Thanks in advance for any help.