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    Rearrange fields and custom formatters

    Cinestar Interactive
      I'm trying to get the item labels on a list box to display a certain way.

      Im currently using this in the "rearrange fields" section of the bindings tab for my listbox.

      label='Lesson <item>: <name>'

      The output displays as follows:

      Lesson 1: How to play in traffic
      Lesson 2: Breathing for dummies
      Lesson 3: If it's on TV it must be true

      and so on...

      What I want it to look like is something like this:
      Lesson 1: How to play in traffic

      This forum doesn't allow color tags but I hope you get my idea. basically the first part of the string I want it to be one color while another part of the the string to show up as a different color.

      I was hoping that maybe I can just pull variables from my root document so as to concatenate my string with html tags: something like:
      in main doc:
      tag1="<font color=#FF0000>"

      then in the rearrange fields area make my striung something like:

      label=_root.tag1+'Lesson <item>: '+_root.tag2+'<name>';

      but either that stuff is not supported or my syntax is way out there.

      So am i anywhere close to being on the right track? Can this be done via the custom format thing?
      If so how would i go about setting that up? i know I have to create a a external .as file for that. My question is really more or less about if I have to do that, what do i put in there? LOL

      Thanks in advance ya'll you guys rock.