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    How come my images aren't importing in order?


      When I put in my memory card and the images pop up on the import screen they are in chronological order which they were taken. When importing, they aren't in order anymore! It is taking me forever to go through all the images and sort. Help me please! I'm going to pull my hair out if I have to edit another wedding this way. I have done everything I can think of...

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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which "Sort Order" do you have selected in the Tool Bar???

          "Capture Time" should do what you want and if you haven't got the tool bar showing "t" will reveal it.

          Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.26.14 pm.png

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            rosaellis Level 1

            Thank you for the response. I have the Capture Time selected in the Sort Order; the images still don't go back in order. Do I need to re-import them?

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Sorting by capture time should work if you have that option selected.  Reimporting shouldn't be necessary.


              Are the photos from multiple cameras with different times or timezone settings so they are in order as far what the embedded time but the cameras are embedding inconsistent time(s)?  You should be able to verify this by turning on loupe information that includes the capture time and then click through them one by one and see if the time does indeed increase (or decrease if you have the order direction set (Z-A)) from one to the next, or if the times don’t appear to be in order.


              There are ways to adjust the capture time but if it is only wrong for some of the photos then you’ll want to segregate the ones that are ok from the ones that need corrected.  You should also determine exactly how many seconds the time is off from eacg camera relative to the other(s), if it is just a timezone problem where it’s an hour or some other multiple of minutes or seconds off.