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    Change Creative Suite Premium Membership to Creative Cloud Photography


      Just got a notice that my membership is about to be automatically renewed. I currently have the full Creative Suite Premium... but it turns out, I really only need Lightroom and Photoshop. So I logged into my account to see if I can find information on how to change that. But there is no information on my account about that (that I can find. I admit, it might be hiding somewhere in the vast FAQ's that I started to look through, until I realized I didn't want to spend all day on that). So then I attempted to contact Adobe's customer service for help... and was directed to this forum.


      So long story short, I really hope someone from Adobe is actually reading this, and can help me with my problem. Because I'd really prefer that my account not auto renew, I'd prefer to downgrade my membership, and I'd LOVE to talk to an actual human being about all these things... but apparently, I can't. So I'm trying this.