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    Flash Player Installtion File Is Password Protected


      I always scan exe files prior to installing them. I've had an issue with Flash Player Installation Files being password protected when I try to do this and yes, I know that this is not supposed to be the case. In other words, people on forums have told me that Adobe does not do this but the fact remains that I do have this issue. Below is the specific file to which I am referring and I downloaded it directly from the Adobe Flash Player site. I don't see any reason why these files should be password protected and I have tried my antivirus software program password as well as my Windows 7 OS password. I would appreciate a direct answer to my problem from anybody willing to help.




      Why is this file password protected?

      What is the correct password required in order to scan it?


      I do not think that it is unreasonable for a user to insist on scanning executable files prior to installing them on their computer regardless if they are downloaded from a trusted source. I believe that it is just a good practice to follow and if I have to forgo using this program because of it, so be it. If that is not the case, I welcome any suggested solutions. Thanks again.