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    Accessing ACR from PScs6

    jon bovey Level 1

      I have PScs6. I don't use ACR, but I'm presuming it is part of the bundle. I am now looking at using ACR and would like to know how to access it. Cheers, bj

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If you open a RAW file in CS6 it should open through the ACR plugin.  You can also open Tiff and Jpeg file through ACR. However Tiff and Jpeg image are post processed images and White Balance has been applied  during the process on converting the image sensor's  RAW data into a RGB image and the image's sensor raw data is no longer available.  So while ACR can adjust Jpeg and Tiff images white balance it can not do it as well as it can it can do when using the images's sensor raw data.


          Make sure your CS6 has all the update applied.  A dumbed down version of ACR 8.6 with the latest Cameras RAW file support is part of the CS6 updates.


          There is also a script on Russell Browns web site that can convert  Photoshop layers into a smart object layer that embedded object is a Tiff mage from the original layer or layer the cam be processed via ACR.


          The newer Creative cloud versions of Photoshop CC and CC 2014 8.6 version of ACR is also a Photoshop Filter as well as a plugin therefore can be used on ant layer.

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            jon bovey Level 1

            Thank you jjMack. This sounds like a comprehensive and knowledgeable answer, and I'm trying to work out how to apply it to my predicament. I use Capture One as a raw converter - and do most of my editing there. Although often I have to flick an image through to PS for further editing.


            The only reason I'm interested in ACR is because this is the only way I can use VSCO film software. I'm sitting in front of my computer trying to work out how to even access ACR in PS. Does it come as part of PScs6? Do I have to go through Adobe Bridge?


            I should be able to import a file into ACR from my Capture One. A folder full of images is no different to a flash card is it?  I can certainly do it from Aperture into Capture One. I've run this question by VSCO support who were quick to reply but felt it wasn't something they could help me with. Sorry, a bit long-winded! cheers, bj

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              jon bovey Level 1

              I did a little more work JJMack, and solved the problem. It was very easy. I just opened a raw file in PS, which immediately told me that I needed to update (you mentioned this too). I updated and my image opened in ACR. I exported the "original" from Capture One to my desktop. Selected "open" in PS and clicked on the desktop image. And that's it.VSCO film seems to be a fully independent package, just using ACR as a host, so I don't think there will be any problems achieving my goal. Thank you for getting me started. bj