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    After effects typography

    clauderozsa Level 1

      Good morning;


      May be I did not search correctly, but I did not find any answer to this problem which in fact applies to all the Adobe CS suite whater the version. The typography used for the tiles and names used in the menus and other are very small and generate a very big challenge for people not having a very good sight. Although in WIndows 7 pro 64 bits I use a medium size for characters and it have its effect on other software, this is totally without result in AE or the other constituents of CC5.5 or subsequent versions. Is there a way to change this? How, if this is possible? The problem of eye sight is not a question of age, you can have a very good one at 70 and be with a poor on at 18. This situation is more and more a problem with the new screens and their highest resolution. To diminish the resolution is not an appropriate one to solve this.

      Thanks for any solution you may have found.