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    Document is loading every 2 seconds


      I have to work with a document my collegue created before. All pictures and fonts are linked and the preflight is turned off.

      I even saved the Doc as idml. Its a big document with big pictures. What can i do?

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Check if the document contains cross-refs to other documents. Indesign checks these cross-refs after loading and if it can't find the referenced file(s), it looks like it's opening the document over and over. You can find out by hovering over the cross-refs until the notestrip appears and for references to other documents, the note strip also shows the file name.

          You can only circumvent that by taking another document, rename it to the referenced file and put it into the referenced location. Indesign should stop that silly auto-loading. For the further process, it is recommended

          to either keep the referenced file(s) at the referenced location or convert the cross-refs into text.

          At least until CS6 this is a bug in Indesign. It could actually just tell you like "referenced file(s) could not be found", but it keeps opening the file.