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    Accessing RH Project on a Network

    Brian Gilbert
      I'm using RoboHTML X5 using XP.

      If I create a small project on my local drive, RoboHelp is very fast. When I copy that project to my company's LAN, RoboHelp is extremely slow. When I create a new project and save it to the LAN, it is also slow. Is this a known issue or just something going on with my machine?

      This is also a problem when using source control. (I've recently been asked to use source control software, ClearCase, for versioning. This doesn't work well at all. I need to check out all the files to my local hard drive. Modify the files that need to change. Publish to WebHelp. Copy all files back, including WebHelp folder, which can take hours. Apparently, because publishing to WebHelp causes all files to be rewritten, all the files in the WebHelp folder need to be checked in. The project with the various gifs, PDFs, index and TOC files, etc., has over 1,000 files.)

      Is there a way to work on the LAN and not have it so slow.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Brian

          For starters, try clicking here and reading an article.

          Once you are done with this, come back and read the next post in this thread.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi again

            The best way to work on a LAN is to use the LAN as a simple repository. Imagine you have three authors. You store a complete copy of your project in a LAN location. Author 1 needs to make changes. They copy the project to their local hard drive and make changes. When finished, they copy it back to the LAN. Author 3 then needs to make a copy. They copy from the LAN, make changes and copy back to the LAN.

            With source control, you can actually configure it so the "Working Directory", the temporary sandbox used to make updates, is a folder on your hard drive. The actual source files are on a LAN, but as you work on the project, the files you work on are copied to your local drive while you work on them until you check them back in. At that point, they are copied back to the LAN.

            Cheers... Rick
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              MergeThis Level 4
              Brian, three things:

              1. The storing of files on a server, whether using source control software or not, should only be applied to the source files. The output files, which can easily be reproduced from the source files, would normally be published in a separate area on a server (for review, for building into the application, etc.).

              2. The RoboHelp HHP, CPD, PSS, and LDB files are machine-specific and should not be added to the source control directory.

              3. Clearcase doesn't have a good track record working on RH (not like VSS, for example).

              Good luck,