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    frenchi30 Level 1
      hi all,

      How would I go about showing a "loading data" for a webservice? showBusyCursor is not enough... infact I would like to make the initial webservice call part of the application load.. in other words don't start the app unless the webservice is done..

      Is there a way to do this either or?
      Or do i have to do a "loader "manually?

      thank-you in advance.
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          babo_ya Level 3
          You first need to create your custom preloader and instead of dispatching event complete event... call a function using mx.core.Application.application.aFunct() that instantiate a web service object and inside of loadComplete event call a function that sets the a variable 'state' or watever you want to name is and set it to 1 or and in the custom preloader class check to see if this value is 1 if it is 1 then yes the web service is loaded so.. dispatch 'complete' event.

          Hope this helps.