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    why am I having such a hard time aligning?


      I'm not really sure how to ask this without having someone right next to me, but for whatever reason I'm having a really difficult time aligning objects with the guides.  I've noticed a lot that when I scale something one side will snap to a guide and be completely flush, while the other side will snap but the bounding box will seem to be a hair off , or the image inside the box won't be all the way to the guide.  I think this is what's throwing me off, it's only tiny fractions of any inch but it's noticeable to me.  I could explain it better in person but does anyone have an idea of what I'm talking about?


      edit:  the project I'm doing- I've got a symmetrical object in the center of the document and I'm trying to mirror a sculpture on the sides of it.  no matter if I snap the objects with the center of the the document, or the center of the middle object they seem to be off.