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    Publish html5

    kjh987 Level 1



      I made a presentation in html5 for tablet user and I would like to know how can they view it on their tablet?


      Can I just copy the files on the tablet? Doesn't seem to work by the way...


      Do I have to upload it on my web page or something else?


      I have android and ipad tablet.





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          kjh987 Level 1

          I found a way to transfer and open my files dirrectly on the tablet but there is no playbar...

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            There should be an index.htm file that you use to launch the presentation. I'll have to publish a presentation to HTML5 to see if it is the same, but I don't see a reason why that wouldn't still be used as the launch file for the presentation in HTML5.

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              kjh987 Level 1

              I found a way to make it play but I had to insert mp4 video, the problem is that when I click on the video sometimes it works at the first time and sometimes I have to click like 5 time...


              I use the software document to transfert my presentation and play it, that's the only way I found to play it locally.


              If you know something better, please tell me!!!!



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                sidhartha Level 1


                1 Publish the presentation to html5 view to any server(ex:Adobe connect)

                2 Let user access the content using url of the server



                1 Publish the content as html5 + zip package checkbox should be checked

                2 Go to the path where published and use the zip package to upload to any server (ex:connect).


                Just follow the above 2 steps to use content in tablets..




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                  kjh987 Level 1

                  My problem is that I want to use it locally because people don't always have acces to internet...

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                    sidhartha Level 1

                    - For ipad it will not work because ipad will not allow this kind of settings(ie we cannot copy paste it in ipad)

                    - For android tablets although we can paste it in device and using a file explorer we can open it using chrome brower but most of the thing may not work as expected as Adobe presenter does not recommend playing  content locally




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                      kjh987 Level 1

                      Actually I transfered everything to my ipad and it's working, the only I have is with the videos, they play well but when I want to Watch them again it doesn't work or I have to click like 10 times before it actually works, weird...


                      In android it really don't work because I don,t have a navigation bar


                      Thanks for your answer.