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    Windows 8.1 Recovery run after power cut & failure to start. PC back up and running but LR "Unexpected Error opening catalogue" is as far as I get.


      Hi, I had a search about for a solution but failed. Apologies in advance if it has been addressed already. I should add, I am semi proficient with the PC but apart from image tweaks have never really got my head around LR's cataloguing mechanics (cause of the issue anyone)


      Any way, I back up every time LR asks and have a folder full of them, so I thought it would be as simple as just clicking on a backup from before the Windows recovery was run and we would be up and running again.


      So I go to my LR folder/ backups/  select a backup and then get this dialogue box for a short while.


      Followed by


      Now I am out of my depth. Click cancel. Presented with.


      Followed by.



      Joy of joys.


      Fingers crossed I am just being a tard and the solution is simple. Please help and if I have missed any info you need please ask.