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    From some days ago, an error appers on iOS

    Bernard Degex Level 1

      I developing a Kiosk on iOS platform (iPad), based on Director.


      For several days, an error "Handler not defined : #cameraPosition" has been appearing.

      I don't use any handler with this name and if I search in the script case, I don't find any text like that.


      I've found a property with this name in the doc, but this is for 3D cast and I don't have any 3D cast in my movie.


      Somebody has some idea?






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          Milky_au Level 3

          Hi Bernard,

          I've also had a few strange errors while making iOS apps - odd popup errors 'like the ones your getting' would appear saying something unrelated to the real issue.

          Take another look over your code around the area where you think the error happens, I had a left over 'playdone' command copied across from a large block of code (very sloppy) - anyway it cause the same type of problem

          I find It's better to go off the error messages from your dir code on the mac - then the iOS projector errors.