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    How do I obtain installation codes for legally purchased Education versions of CS5 Creative Design Suite?




      My name is Andrew and a couple of years ago I legally purchased a new Educational copy of Adobe Creative Suite SC5, with proof of my employment at a university.


      I assumed the product would have all the serial numbers in the box.


      I kept the product unopened till yesterday and found that I need to prove that I am currently employed at the university to obtain the serial numbers to install the software.


      Unfortunately my job was made redundant at the university several months ago.


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      Hence I now have a legally purchased copy of Adobe software, but I am unable to use it because I am no longer employed at the university.


      Adobe online help has informed me that they no longer provide phone or online help to CS5 users and have directed me to this forum.


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      I would be interested in any suggestions or advice in how I can resolve this.


      Thank you