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    RH11 "messes up" hyperlinks set in a linked word document


      Hello Adobe Community,

      I am having some troubles with RH11, importing Word-Docs and generating html code. The problem is the following:

      There is a word document "text1.docx" with some hyperlinks in it, which navigate to a certain html file in the RH output. Let me be a bit more precise:


      -I have two word documents: text1.docx (containing hyperlinks) and text2.docx (content unimportant)

      -Now I am importing both docx-files to RH but to different working folders so they appear in different folders in the RH output:

      create folder "folder1" in RH and import text1.docx into folder1

      create folder "folder2" in RH and import text2.docx into folder2

      -Now I am generating the output and the structure is the following:

      ... !SSL! --> Output --> folder1 --> text1.htm

                                  --> folder2 --> text2.htm

                                  --> index.htm

                                  --> other files


      Because I know what the output structure will look like I set a hyperlink in "text1.docx" which navigates to the "text2.htm" file. The hyperlink looks like this: "../folder2/text2.htm"

      Somehow in the process RH "messes up" this link and replaces the relative part of the path with its temporary working directory. So after the process the link is not "../folder2/text2.htm" but "//file:/c:/Users/User1/AppData/Local/Temp/folder2/text2.htm". I think it is obvious that this link will not work. How do I manage it to tell RH not to change any part of the hyperlinks and just copy-paste it into the html file.

      I do not want to be rude, but I do not want to read anything about my approach and that it is not best practice etc.. Because we have approx. 500 documents with many hyperlinks of this type it is neither an option change the links within the word documents nor to manually edit them in RH.

      The past years we used a workaround with GREP to replace the wrong links with correct ones, but a solution within RH would be more comfortable.

      I hope you can help me :-)

      Best regards from Germany