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    Lightroom Moblie

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      I have a few questions about LightRoom Mobile.


      1. When I went to send my pics from my iPhone to LightRoom on my Mac it created a new library on my main hard drive. How do I set it up so that it transfers my iPhone photos to the same drive as the same library that I have on my external with my non iPhone pictures?


      2. After I successfully transfers the photos from my iPhone to LightRoom Mobile and to LightRoom on my Mac is it safe to delete the photos on my iPhone?



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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          1. There is, at this time no way to specify the location of iPhone transfers via Lightroom Mobile.  You will need to move them from within Lightroom after they have transferred to the drive where you wish them to reside.

          2. If you are comfortable you have transferred them all and are comfortable with your backup strategy, there isnt' a need to keep them on the phone any longer.