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    Can interactive PDFs with embedded video play on iOS and Android tables?

    Flash Aviator

      I am researching various ways to convert print documents to a mobile (tablet) friendly format. Our authoring environment is Adobe Indesign CS6, soon to be CC. Our content is such that it requires a fixed layout and we would like the ability to include audio and video in future updates. With this said we are investigating EPUB3 Fixed Layout and Interactive PDF. The research on the EPUB3 FXL is pretting straight forward but looking into interactive PDF, I am curious. I know you can embed video into an InDesign document and export as an interactive PDF. However, I am not sure if this document would allow the video to play properly if this was viewed on an iPad or an Android tablet. In reality I just need to know if this is possible because we are custom writing our on app to serve as the player so if someone can  A) confirm this is possible or not B) give some additonal information of video file formats and codecs that are most successful to embed from within InDesign (if possible) and finally C) Any resources or information relating to existing SDKs or other libraries for iOS and Android (whether paid or free/open source) that will support this functionality.