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    Unwanted Anti-aliasing after export to PDF!?

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      Dear comunity,


      First of all let me say, that i am relatively new to indesign,

      this is really driving me crazy: my boss gave me the task to renew our business cards (no new layout, just different names and addresses.) So i took the indesign file my predecessor made and switched the names and contact information. The indesign file contains three back sides for three different people, every one with their own QR-code.

      I made three new QR codes, deleted the old ones and brought the new ones in. (the codes were originally PNG, i put them in Photoshop and exported as PSD, since i heard, that i should use PSD files in ID instead of PNG or JPEG.)


      When exported to PDF, two of these QR codes are working just fine, the third one has the following problem: On the edges of the code, thin light gray lines appear, for my untrained eye, these look just like anti-aliasing. These do only appear in the exported PDF, not in Indesign itself, and only in one of the three QR-codes, though i created and imported them all the same way.


      I should probably mention, that i made the codes 50% transparent. I already did lots of research regarding that problem, and one person said, that this is a bug, which has been solved in ID CC 2014, so i updated my ID to that version, imported the corrupt PSD anew, still the same problem.


      What did i do wrong with this particular PSD file? Might there be a button or something, when i have the psd selected in iD, that toggles AA on and off for that particular file??

      I added two pictures. the 1st one is one of those, who don't make any problems, the second one is the one, that has the unwanted anti-aliasing (or whatever it is). I just made screenshots out of Acrobat, because this forum wouldn't let me upload The PDFs. As i said, they both come from the same ID file, exported the same way.


      Thanx in advance for all your kind help.