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    Adobe After Effects Crashes on Start-up on all 3 of my PC's.


      Hi there,


      I'm pretty sick with this problem, in 6 days, on 3 PC's I have AE's trial installed on all three of my PC's (two homebuilds and a Dell XPS) and on all computers all attempts to open the program results in a program crash 1 second after the window opens.


      I've tried everything.


      Deleting preferences at start up.


      Logging in and out of (the awful) 'creative cloud' software.

      Creating new user accounts.

      Installing and uninstalling all software.

      Updating all drivers and software.


      This really is a joke. I've been through all the forums and wasted hours and hours trying to get this program to start.  And people wonder why some turn to torrents.


      Can anyone offer any pearls of wisdom as to how to get this program to stop closing at start up?

      Many thanks!


      Dell XPS - L502x 8GB RAM, i7, SSD's x 2 (loads of space).

      Homebuilds - i7 920 OC'd to 4GHZ 16GB RAM, 6x4TB drives

      All W7 64bit up to date on all drivers and software.

      no problems with LR or Photoshop starting,