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    Have selection tool defaults changed in Photoshop CC 2014?

    T Milner

      I've just noticed this new behavior.  If I click on the Polygonal Lasso Tool Icon, it automatically flips over to the regular Lasso tool.  If I click on the Magic Wand icon, it flips over to the Quick Selection Tool. If I click and hold, I can get the tool I want, but if I go to another tool then back to the Polygon Lasso icon, it flips again.  If I click L, it works as it should, if the Polygon Lasso is visible in the Tool Bar.


      Is this a bug, or a new default behavior?




      Edit:  Upon further experimentation, this seems to be common with all the tools;  if you change to the non-default tool, it will flip back to the default tool if you click on it later.  I'm pretty sure this is new, because I used to leave certain tools activated, then click back on them as needed.  Since this appears to be a default, can it be turned off?