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    CC 2014 brush has mind of its own


      PS CC 2014.1.0

      Windows 8.1

      24GB RAM

      Dual GTX 560ti latest Nvidia.com supplied drivers


      Ever since the upgrade I had what I thought was a Clone Stamp tool issue, but in fact, it is a Brush issue (Clone stamp just utilizing a Brush of course).


      See attached. I only drew the short vertical part going upwards. Once I let off the mouse, the large leg heading out towards 10 o'clock? Well, that is courtesy of Adobe, I suppose.




      I also have the same version on a Yoga Pro 2 - and it does not do this, however, if the strokes using a brush are too quick, the brush comes back to where it started, drawing a line back to source.


      Fun stuff.

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          gish_dp Level 1

          Yes, I tried uninstalled and re-installing without preference file. Also tried disabling GPU enhancement altogether.

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            gish_dp Level 1



            It occurs when using "Use Graphics Processor" in the Performance preference. I made the above vertical lines, but the horizontal lines shooting off to the left are done by Photoshop!


            I guess I can just not upgrade to 2014 and stick with CC so I don't have to give Adobe money while this is hobbled for me. OH WAIT - can't do that. I have no choice but to pay Adobe a pound of flesh every month. Will this be fixed? Probable not.


            I have a $600 graphics card that works fine everywhere, even in Photoshop CC, but fails to be utilized in 2014 and it's entirely my problem.

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              pxp-design Level 1

              That's a really bizarre problem!


              How many monitors are you using? If multiple monitors, how are they configured, which one is primary, and which display does photoshop run on?


              What model is your mouse, and have you installed any drivers or software specifically for it?

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                JoeLib Level 3

                I assume you are running the latest driver for your Graphics Card.   Are you using a wireless mouse, if so switch to a USB wired mouse   Does a Wacom Pen act the same way?  Try Upgrading to Photoshop CC (2014.2) October release.


                I am suspicious of Windows 8.1's mouse driver.


                If you have both a mouse and tablet connected, make sure the pen for the tablet is not near the surface of the tablet which makes things crazy.  Only 1 pointing device is allowed.


                Switch mouse ports,  make sure wireless mouse has fresh batteries. 


                Just trying to spark a different train of thought.

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                  gishnetwork Level 1

                  PXP, it's not the mouse, because since I started testing this (a few months now) I've used several, wired and wireless.


                  I do run multiple monitors, and the PS program sits in a non-primary window, and PS menus sit in another non-primary window. This is the way I've run PS for eons.


                  When I test 2014, I install it then - so I installed it, again, yesterday after uninstalling the fallback CC. I am now running CC as usual. I can unplug my 3 extra monitors, uninstall CC, and install 2014 onto a system with a single monitor as a test.

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                    gishnetwork Level 1

                    jml007, have tried many mice, wireless and not. When I test 2014, I install it fresh, so I installed it yesterday - which I assumed is the latest release. Though I wonder if it is a base release and requires further updates? next time I install for test I will check actual version.


                    I don't use a tablet. However, coincidentally, I just got one but have not opened it. So, I could try to see how this affects things.

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                      gish_dp Level 1

                      I "solved" this by getting a new video card - a GTX 980. I have two 560's and both had the issue on different PC's. I think it is an issue with Photoshop and the GTX 560 or 500 line. I realized Adobe was not going to do anything about it since they get my monthly payment regardless.


                      Now on to a new problem with Bridge. Like that will be resolved...