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    How can I capture a frame with a dpi of 300 or more?


      I took a HD video and edited it in Premiere Elements 12. I want to lift out some frames to submit as still shots for a magazine article. They need resolution of 300 dpi or higher.  The only function I found in Premiere Elements was "freeze frame" which saves/exports a frame as a .bmp with a resolution of 72.  Anyone know how to save it with higher resolution? (FYI, I also have Photoshop Elements 12.)

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          One way....


          1. Video on Video Track 1 of your HD project, with Timeline Indicator on frame for Freeze Frame

          a. Tools Menu/Freeze Frame.

          b. In Freeze Frame dialog, check mark next to "Edit in Photoshop Elements after inserting" and check mark next to "Insert in movie".

          c. Hit "Insert in movie" button.

          d. When Photoshop Elements 12 opens, the Image Menu/Resize/Image Size.

          e. In the Image Size dialog, change the Resolution to 300 pixels per inch

          f. File Menu/Save As to jpg file.


          To get back to Premiere Elements 12, in Photoshop Elements 12 Editor, File Menu/Exit.


          Does that work for you?