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    Concerning how photos appear at first


      Ok here is a weird question for you all. At least, seems weird to me.


      When first seeing my photos as I scroll across in Develop, for a second the best shots show themselves super sharp, then change into less sharp and a bit darker. What is this all about? What do I need to do to see the photo the best it can be, as I took it?  I am using Lightroom 4, and am a Nikon D7000 user. I am not new at Lightroom but know there are plenty of things I don't know.


      Thank you.

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          areohbee Level 6

          First view: camera rendering, taking camera settings into account, but not Lightroom settings (comes from jpeg "preview" embedded in raw file by your camera).

          Second view: Lightroom rendering of the raw data, taking Lightroom settings into account, but not camera settings.


          You can't have 2nd view take camera settings into account - it'll never be exactly like 1st rendering, since Lightroom won't emulate your camera manufacturer's "image engine".


          The "solution" is to choose a camera profile and other default settings, or apply a preset upon import, or shortly after import, to have things look more how you like..


          PS - darkening is often a result of highlight protection features of camera, so turn those off (e.g. Nikon ADL, Canon ALO), or be prepared to boost exposure etc. after importing.

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            Marlenekos Level 1

            Thanks, Rob. Very helpful. I didn't know about highlight protection, will have a look to see how to take care of that. As for the main question I had, I will see if I can make a preset so I can see the best of my photos. I appreciate you taking time to help. I will let you know if I manage to make the changes.

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              Marlenekos Level 1

              OK, I see ADL is active d-lighting, which I do know about, and don't have on.