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    TOC text anchor Missing Error When Exporting Book as ePub

    ellfire Level 1

      I am trying to export an ID book as an ePub and keep getting this error "TOC text anchor "_idTOCAnchor-1" in "/Users/XXXXX/Documents/Dropbox/XXXXX/InDesign Documents/eBooks/XXXXXXX.indd" is missing (Some info XXXX for security. )


      I have my TOC style setup in the Style Source of the book, the style makes anchor points, uses book documents, hidden layers etc.  The navigational TOC works fine and hops to the appropriate points.  When I cracked open the ePub, the links in the Contents page all seem to point to the same anchor - _idTOCAnchor-1  Is this normal?  Has anyone run into this bug before?


      Another odd thing is that it seems to ignore the assigned paragraph style within the TOC style when generating the TOC.


      Its pretty maddening.


      Thanks for any help!