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    Livecycle Object Reference Question.

    MaxCO2012 Level 1

      The image below illustrates the hierarchy of my form. In the "exit" event of the drop-down list object named "ddList1" I have the code outlined below, but I believe my reference to the objects must be off. I think I can't see the forest for the trees, so I'm hoping someone can set me straight.


      Drop-down List Exit_event Code:

      if(form1.PurchasePlan.sfPP2.14.ddList1.rawValue == "Condition One")



      form1.PurchasePlan.sfPP2.14.userText = "Test text one"



      if(form1.PurchasePlan.sfPP2.14.ddList1.rawValue == "Condition Two")



      form1.PurchasePlan.sfPP2.14.userText = "Test text two"





      Thank you.

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          Magus069 Level 4



          First for using JavaScript you must always specify the rawValue of the object(in this case u are missing userText.rawValue)

          Second make sure all of your subform's name DO NOT contains "."

          So you will have to rename sfPP1.0, sfpp2.1, sfPP2.2 and all of its following (every objects that contains a dot in its name)