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    Good news, bad news - Project Parfait closing soon

    brucebowman Employee Moderator

      Hello everyone,


      Since April, we've been on a journey with Project Parfait. It was an experiment, to improve the workflows for designers and developers who use Photoshop comps to build code based designs. This experiment has been very successful, and today I'm proud to announce that Project Parfait is moving into the Creative Cloud. As existing Parfait users, you'll be able to continue to use Parfait through the end of September. At that time, Parfait will be closed, and unavailable.


      Beginning today, you can use Project Parfait in the Creative Cloud, where it can be found in the Creative Cloud Files web app as Extract. The move to the Creative Cloud will enable new sharing and collaborative workflows that will allow teams to work together more easily. Take a look at this short video to see how you can get started with Extract right away: http://youtu.be/ym_B_z0UWMM


      Like Parfait, which was free to use for everyone, Extract will be free to use too. You'll log into Creative Cloud using the same ID that you used for Parfait. In addition, if you Share a PSD with someone, they can also use Extract without needing to login, also free.


      While you're checking out Extract, be sure to explore in Creative Cloud Files, where you can find great features like commenting, versioning, sharing and collaboration. We think you'll find that the workflows that Creative Cloud opens up will be a big improvement over Parfait.


      Please try it out, and reply here to let us know what you think!



      Bruce, Extract product manager