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    nook reader will not authorize on ADE

    RayGoLXXV Level 1

      This is the last part I need in setting up my neighbors nook so she can get e-books from our library to read on her nook.


      I have downloaded and installed Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 on her PC

      I have created an Adobe ID for her and verified it.

      I have authorized her PC with Adobe Digital Editions 3.0

      I start ADE and plug her Nook into her computer and nothing happens. (I have also tried it the other way around, Plugged her nook into her computer and then started ADE)


      It does not ask me to authorize it nor do I see it listed in the panel on the left in ADE.


      I do see the nook in windows explorer and I can more a book to it with explorer but it will not open as the nook is not authorized.


      If anyone has any ideas on how to proceed I would appreciate any and all suggestions.