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    Lightroom gets slugish then crashes when useing masking function


      When masking in lightroom 4.3 and 4.4 the program will start slowing down then either crash or will freeze up. This is hapening on two mac pro machines a dual quadcore with 16 gigs of memory and almost 2 terrabites of  free disc space that my assistant works on and a dual six core mac with 4 terrabites free disc space and 28 gigs of ram that I work on. Both machines indicate the ram is functioning properly. Im running os10.8.5 and it is up to date. I am abut to reinstail Lightroom on the dual quad core machine.


      The task monitor indicates 7.99 gigs of ram still available when the program starts to lag severley taking 16 seconds to draw a 1:1 preview and 2-3 seconds to update a mask.


      Is there a limit to the number of masks or the mask adjustments?


      Does anyone have any insite?