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    Preloader not working properly - doesn't show right away

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      I'm having issues with using an external preloader and I need some help.

      I have one variable set to the movieClipLoader class and it is used to load external swf files into an empty movie clip on the stage.

      I'm also using an external preloader that is loaded using a different variable set to the movieClipLoader class. The preloader loads into a different empty movie clip than the other external swf files. An FYI, the preloader swf file is small - 15kb

      I have a listener attached to the onLoadStart event which, when triggered, loads the external preloader using the loadClip method.

      Now, when I test the movie (Ctrl + Enter) and am taken into the swf player, I go to the View menu and choose Simulate Download.

      The problem is that there is a long delay in the preloader showing up on the stage. For example, I'll put the Download Settings at 56k and then I'll choose the Simulate Download option. From there, I'll click on a button to load in one of the movies and, based on the code I've written, the preloader should show up immediately. But it doesn't... there is always approximately a 7 second delay before the preloader can even be seen. The preloader file is small so there's no reason that I can fathom as to why it's taking 7 seconds to load onto the stage.

      Otherwise, everything works great. The movies being monitored/loaded come in just fine. The preloader's progress bar works fine and accurate bytes loaded and bytes total are reported in the dynamic text boxes that are inside the preloader swf file.

      It's just the strange delay that's driving me insane.

      I've been doing searches on the internet for about 2 hours and it seems there are others having this sort of issue, but so far no solutions to be found.

      FYI, I'm using Flash 8 Professional.

      I appreciate any help!!