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    Cymk conversion

      I found the conversion into cymk uses too much black. I wanted to use the colors in InDesign but for print they are not usefull. If you set cymk numbers, switch to rgb and back to cymk the separation ist totally different. The colors are OK for web and Photoshop work in rgb but not for cymk-printing.
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          How are you converting to CMYK?

          Adobe programs use the CMYK Profile which you have chosen in your "Color Settings" to make the CMYK conversion.

          You may need to use a Custom CMYK profile which generates less black (such as GCR, K Gen.: Light) to get the kind of conversion that you want.

          In Color Settings:
          Click on the CMYK drop-down menu and choose "Custom".
          When the Custom CMYK dialog opens, change Black Generation to "Light".
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            transtotal Level 1
            Hi Ann. Thanks a lot for your quick response. Finally it worked.
            But first I had to create and save the GCR profile with Photoshop and then import it in InDesign. You can't create it directly in ID CS2... that was my problem.
            I hope, I will not forgett to reset the CYMK profile when creating a separeted PDF.
            Kind regards from Cologne, Volker
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              Ann_Shelbourne Level 1
              Yes, you do have to make new Profiles in Photoshop but if you save them as part of a Custom Color Setting, you can then access them from other programs in the Suite and also synchronize them Suite-wide in the Bridge,
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                transtotal Level 1
                But back to kuler.
                Wouldn't it be great to choose the different cymk-profiles directly in kuler?
                I mostly work for print and cymk is more important to me.

                Another idea is, to lock the colours and test different ways of separation.
                For example: you can create a grey tone only with C Y M or with more K.
                So you have more control than choosing a profile in InDesign and see what you will get.

                greets from sunny Cologne
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                  Ann_Shelbourne Level 1
                  I don't think that is really practical because you need to make your RGB to CMYK conversion using the correct CMYK Profile for your designated output device — which might be for a web offset or sheetfed press; or for US, Japanese or European inks.

                  It is normally much better to work in RGB and only convert to CMYK when you know exactly how the file will be printed.

                  from a very soggy, half-drowned, New York!