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    Lightroom 5.4 crashed my computer and now I can't open LR.

    C Jentlie

      I am hoping to avoid re-installing so I hope someone has some ideas as I am out of them.


      My computer just went black when I was importing a rather large quantity of new RAW images. After about 30 minutes of this black screen I decided it wasn't coming back and I turned the computer off. Now, as I try to open LR, it gives me a false ray of hope as it opens only to have an error box pop up about 30 seconds later. The box states: "Lightroom encountered an error when reading from  its preview cache and needs to quit." After which I can only shut the box down which shuts LR down.


      I have tried all of the normal fixes from the obvious reboot to trying to repair it from Control Panel but I get a dead end error message with everything I try. I even installed the 5.6 upgrade hoping that it might either solve it or install a new version that was better with out having to reset up all of my catalogs.


      Any ideas?