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    Manual Create TOC Anchors in Exported ePub

    ellfire Level 1

      Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to manually insert invisible TOC Anchors into the ePub xhtml files?


      I have just finished laying out a novel in which I'm using images as chapter headings instead of actual text.  Because of this, I can't just highlight the chapter name and assign it my TOC Style.  I had created a hidden layer with a single text field, which fixed the problem as far as the print output goes, but the ePub export process discards this data and breaks all the TOC anchors.  If I knew what lines I had to insert into the XHTML files for each chapter, I could then hack the TOC into working.  (I can get at the files, just don't know what to add to each one.)  My navigational TOC is working just fine, although it still needed some cleanup as the export process hates spaces apparently.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!