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    Opt IN vs Opt OUT for McAffee Virus Scanner

    charlie ......

      Each time I update the Flash player Adobe attempts to get me to install a virus scanner.   I don't want it.   Sometimes I don't notice the box is already checked and the virus scanner install starts.


      Why can't Adobe be user friendly and make it an opt IN rather than opt OUT.  


      It makes Adobe look like one of the bogus download sites that try to install crapware.

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          Amen.  Now it doesn't give you a choice it just automatically downloads.  In the past there was a check to toggle on and off.  Now it just assumes.  Atleast have it check for an anti-virus program that is already on the system.  This is wrong on many accounts, and am leaning more towards the HTML 5 player now because of this invasive bull crap!