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    inDesign "has stopped working"


      Hi there! I've had creative suite 5 for a few years now, which includes inDesign cs5.5 and I've been using the program fine this entire time. I downloaded the newest trial version of InDesign, which is Creative Cloud now because a friend wanted me to proofread a document she created that my cs5.5 couldn't open. Anyways, after I read it, I uninstalled the trial version(inDesign CC) since I already had inDesign cs5.5 but now my original version won't start up at all. I have to get this going ASAP and I've searched everywhere, as well as re-installed inDesign CC again to see if maybe the two programs accidentally overlapped each other or something. This isn't making sense to me, how could the installing of CC upset my Cs5.5?? Can someone please help! All I get is a "Has stopped working" and windows is searching for a solution blah blah. Is my only option to completely reinstall my Creative Suite?

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Most probably, yes. Reason: The suites shares components which have been overwritten by the CC version. They are intended to coexist, but problems like this can occur and are not rare.

          Alternatively you may try this first: change to another user on your PC and try to start there. It might help to fix it for you as user. Or copy the preferences files to a backup location, delete the original one, start again so Indesign acts like starting the first time, including registration of all plugins, and if it works again, write back the prefs file.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I would remove CC again since you are not going to be using it, then reinstall CS5.5.