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    Cannot Repair Corrupt Catalog


      I just switched to Lightroom today, spent the entire day migrating 25,000 images from Aperture. Just as I finished, I got an error that said the catalog needs to be repaired, but when I tried to repair it, Lightroom gave a message that it is corrupt and cannot be repaired. What can I do to fix this? I moved the images, so they're not even in the original folders anymore -- everything is in the Lightroom catalog. Since I just did this today, I haven't made a manual backup. Does Lightroom create backup catalogs? If so, where can I find them?

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          pwkubc Level 1

          I did the old shut-down-and-reboot a few times, but the third time it worked. I was able to repair the catalog. Frightening that Lightroom is so unstable that this would happen. I had (and still have -- not giving up) high hopes for my new photo cataloging program.