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    Licensing problems with fonts

    treco ltd

      Hello, when using the program I am having problem with these 3 fonts: A Love of Thunder, Futura and FsAlbert.

      It comes up saying that I have a licensing problem when it shouldn't be the case as they are free.

      Is there any solution to this?



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          jmlevy Adobe Community Professional

          I downloaded A Love of Thunder font from dafont (a website where you can fin a lot of free fonts) and did a quick test. I imported it to may font manager (FontExplorer Pro) and read the informations: embedding and print non authorized. I suspect you have the same problem with the 2 others.

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            The font A Love Of Thunder is free for non-commercial use only ("(A) used by a person, not an organization (B) used only for the enjoyment of the user and those personally known to the user (C) used in a way that neither directly nor indirectly involves commerce.").. But that still doesn't mean that its license allows embedding. You might need to buy a license for that. The Cumberland Fontworks: Fonts for Gamers


            Note that many "free fonts" sites don't bother to explain licenses properly. But ALL FONTS, even free ones, are covered by licenses.

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