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    Dynamically create varying number of buttons

    maguskrool Level 1

      The website I'm currently working on has an object gallery. Whenever the user clicks one of the objects, it zooms in and displays a sub-gallery with other images of said object. The images that make up these galleries are loaded into dynamically created empty MovieClips inside a sub-gallery MovieClip. Each object has a varying number of images and they're loaded and unloaded when the zooming in/out of the object ends.

      When you click one of the sub-gallery images, the main image should change and display the clicked image. However, I'm having trouble telling the MovieClips containing the sub-gallery images to do anything when they're clicked. See attached code, please.

      I'm guessing this has to do with the onRelease being declared inside the onMotionFinished. The thing is I can't thing of a way to declare the onRelease for every sub-gallery image before they're loaded.

      Thanks in advance.