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      I am trying to set up Windows 8.1 replacement computers for my XP machines, one at home, one for travel.

      I have an ADE book bought some time ago on one of the XP machines, and I wanted to copy it over.


      Also, I have bought a couple more online, using one of the new 8.1 computers. I was having some trouble getting the authorisations sorted out for them, but finally that was sorted out.


      Then I turned my attention to copying over the file for the book I had already on the older machine. On advice from the chat service helper ( a service the link to which seems to have disappeared from the Adobe support website since yesterday), I cancelled the computer authorisation and started again. Success with accessing the older book: but now I can't access the newer ones I had subsequently bought and authorised: it simply won't accept authorisation on my Adobe ID where it did  before, and keeps telling me the Vendor ID is not valid, although it offers no alternative options for a vendor ID other than my ID (and from what I remember of my previous problem, there is no  vendor ID for the bookshop I bought the books from).


      So what do I do know, and how do I access an Adobe support person to find out?