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    Problem with discretionary hyphen in update IDCS6 8.0.1 to IDCS6 8.0.2




      I have a problem with InDesign CS6 (v 8.0.2) about hyphenation in compound words (only with numbers). I have many books that were made with InDesign CS6 (v8.0.1) in portuguese language, and in this version everything was allright. But then it’s was necessary to update to version 8.0.2 and something very strange happened. I think it was a bug .


      Let me try to explain better: in Portuguese language, whenever we have to break a compound word (a word that already has an hyphen) we have to start the line below with a second hyphen. In versions 5 and 5.5 of InDesign this double hyphen appears automatically for languages "Portuguese", "Portuguese: Brasilian" or "Portuguese: Orthographic Agreement" (for hyphenation, the rule is the same for these three variations of Portuguese). Unfortunatelly in this last version of CS6 it became necessary to make a find/chage operation (find hyphen and change it with discretionary hyphen + Nonbreaking hyphen), so that if the text reflows, the discretionary hyphen disappear and the word stays compound.


      And it worked fine in version 8.0.1! And after updating to version 8.0.2 it stopped working well...

      It goes like this (I checked everything in the same text):
      1 - in ID CS6 (v8.0.1) - compound word (with discretionary hyphen + Nonbreaking hyphen) appears ok
      2 - in ID CS6 (v8.0.2) - compound word (with discretionary hyphen + Nonbreaking hyphen) the discretionary hyphen disappears
      1 - in ID CC and CC2014 - compound word (with discretionary hyphen + Nonbreaking hyphen) appears ok



      Again, only with numbers.

      1 -
      ……………… 1980-
      -1990 ………


      2 -
      -1990 …………


      This question, partially, is already in the forum, but not within this problem about updates from CS6 v8.0.1 to CS6 v8.0.2, were the text becomes changed.


      The problem is about discrecionary hyphen that disappear in compound words (numbers only)


      I send pictures for better understanding and I'll be looking forward for an answer – hopefully a solution – for this is a very stressing problem.


      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards

      Isabel Pinto (Portugal)


      Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 20.15.50.pngScreen Shot 2014-08-19 at 20.16.02.pngScreen Shot 2014-08-19 at 20.16.53.pngScreen Shot 2014-08-19 at 20.16.43.png