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    error when changing keyboard shortcuts

    Ivar Edding Level 1

      When I changed the shortcut for "Interpret footage" (from Cmd+Option+G to Cmd+Option+F) in the text file called "Adobe After Effects 13.0 Mac en_US Shortcuts.txt" and open AE, I get an error prompt that looks like this.AE_2014_shortcut_error.jpg

      I'm on a swedish keyboard. What's going on?

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          aaron.willman Level 1

          I had the same issue, but with an English keyboard, and multiple changed key commands. 


          i think it has something to do with the way the .text is changed... i duplicated mine, changed the duplicate, removed the original from the folder, renamed the duplicate file.


          that "should" work, in theory... but for some reason it didn't .


          i fixed this just by replacing the duplicate i made with the original.