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    Updating Graphics

    woodworker59 Level 1
      If I have an existing .gif file within a help topic and this .gif file has links to text within that helpfile is there anyway to replace the existing .gif file with a new version (e.g. an updated copy of the .gif file) without losing the existing links in that file?

      Thanks for any input.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          If you are talking about a gif with one link and provided the new image is the same size as the old one, you can just replace it with RH closed provided you use the same name.

          If you are talking about an image with mapped areas, then I believe you have to start all over again. Worth trying though if size and name are unchanged.

          Do backup before you try anything or wait for someone who regularly has that problem to come along and answer the question.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi folks

            Yes! What Peter said!

            Seriously, even if the image has many different mapped areas, as long as you aren't changing anything but the way the image looks, it is truly as simple as replacing the image with the new one. Just do it "behind RoboHelp's back".

            Cheers... Rick
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              HKabaker Level 2
              With multiple image maps, if the graphic is the same size, you can just swap a new .gif into the project folder while the project is not running in RH. After you launch the project in RH, you may have to adjust the maps.

              If you substitute with a different size but the same file name, RH will distort it to fit the same hole as the old one, but might not discard the map data. You might be able to fix the height and width values in RH TrueCode and adjust the link maps as needed.

              But the easiest way I know of is by double-clicking the current one, which opens the RH image dialog, clicking the folder icon at top right, navigating to a new image with the same file name as the one you're replacing, clicking Open and OKing over-writing in the next dialog. The link maps should appear at their original coordinates and can be rearranged.

              What I can't promise for certain is what will happen if the new image is smaller. It's worth a try, though.


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                MergeThis Level 4
                When replacing a file name with a different version (same file name), I always right click the replacement and select Reset size. (RH doesn't reset this automatically!)

                All mapped areas retain their size and position values relative to the original, but can easily be adapted to any changes you made in the graphic.

                Good luck,